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This story was written for the spn_j2_bigbang on livejournal.

We have no recollection of what we intended to write when we began this story, but I’m sure it wasn’t this. Still, we think it came out fine, given that we know nothing about Interpol, or industrial espionage, and don’t personaly know any assassins or jewel thieves.

To our amazing beta, [personal profile] framedhim who put so much work into this fic and who knows grammar like whoa, seriously, you rock. So hard. You flagged up so many glaring errors, and we will be forever grateful that you put up with the process so graciously. So much love to you!

And then, of course, there’s our wonderful artist, [personal profile] thruterryseyes, who picked us when we’d given up even hoping, and who did us proud with so much stunning art that we are still dazed. Please, go look at her journal. I’m not kidding! You will find it HERE.

And last but not least, Wendy. Year after year she has endured the headaches and frustrations of putting up with us flaky authors, and hasn’t run away screaming yet. (Not that we think you’re old, Wendy, just seasoned!) Thank you so much for being a most wonderful organizer, and providing us with so much wonderful long fic every year. Our hats are off to you.

Master Post | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |Artwork | PDF | AO3 | Author's Notes and Acknowledgements
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