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Big birthday thank you to [ profile] meus_venator and [ profile] aqualegia for the pretty presents.

The family pulled out all the stops to provide a sumptuous Indian repast, and gave me a beautiful wheelbarrow. A work colleague gave me a stormtrooper for my desk, and as a friend said, I'll now be able to conquer the galaxy one garden at a time.

I am totally broke, and one cat is recovering at great expense from lung worm. The other has just come down with cat flu, despite having had the shots. *growls*

Big bang is going well, I think, although there's a fair bit still to do. I am partway through the last chapter of Hurricane, and that will be wonderful to finish, since it was a WIP for years.

I have other WIPs to finish, but that one will be a really good start.
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Make sure there's cake!

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] onci_dium Crowley is considering eating you. He thinks you'd be delicious.

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In case you don't recognize it, I tried to recreate feral!Jensen being tamed by assassin!Jared after a bit of rough sex! Hope it works for you.
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taken from original photo by Chris Schmelke
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Happy birthday to you....

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I hope it's a good one.

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I hope it's a good one.

My sketch is taken from the beautiful painting by stasey kinney
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I'd like to give you a real one, but I'm afraid you'd leave toothmarks on him! Still, have a really awesome day.
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Thanks for everything you share
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May your birthday be full of the best things ever!

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Card is under the cut because it's too big

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