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Title: Murder by Space
Author/Artist: [ profile] candygramme
Type of fanwork(s): fic, slash
Genre/Characters/Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC17
Beta: My beloved [ profile] spoonlessone
Wordcount: 18,800

Author's Notes I'm reposting because I had the most amazing banner made for me by [ profile] forhimxx and want to show it off and flash it around.

Summary: Jensen is a private eye of the old school, based on a space resort that caters for high end clients, When movie star Jared Padalecki retains him to find out who is trying to kill him, he bites off a little more than he can chew. Good job he's telepathic!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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Title: Rock Me Like a Hurricane part 2: How it All Began
Author: [ profile] candygramme
Word count: 10,208
Beta: [ profile] spoonlessone
Rating: Slash, NC-17
Pairing: Eventually will be J/2. This part Jensen/Steve
Author's Notes: This is a long partwork. It is eventually going to be Jared/Jensen, but we have to get there.

Rock Me Like a Hurricane part 2: How it All Began )

Part 3
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Title: Somebody That I Used to Know
Author: [ profile] candygramme
Beta: [ profile] spoonlessone
Wordcount: 2,000+
Pairing Kane/Carlson
Notes: This is sad, but I couldn't help it.

Somebody That I Used to Know )

Well now...

Sep. 6th, 2012 04:28 pm
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Don't give up your day job, Christian!

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This weekend, #2 son and I will be heading to Fan Expo Vancouver

Adam West AND Burt Ward will be there, so I am going to fangirl them mightily. Adam West is not quite at the Bruce Campbell level of godhood, but almost. I have his autobiography, which I hope he will sign.

Kevin Sorbo is going to be there, too, and a whole pile of the Next Gen cast, so it will be a weekend of geeking out for me, and mocking for #2 son.

For any of you who have nothing to do and haven't fallen asleep yet, I present this and invite you to gloat over me if you ever manage to change the damned thing's colour.

Chris and Steve are doing another StageIt show on May 26th. Get your ticket as soon as they go up, or forever wish you had.

My big bang may get done. It's moving along, and I do feel like writing it now. The problem was that my boys just wouldn't have sex, but now they are finally getting it on they are much more compliant. I guess boys are much more biddable after sex.

Vancouver is freezing cold, even now it's supposed to be spring. Someone, please take me away to somewhere warm.
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For [ profile] buttercup22
Rated: PG13, slash
Pairing: Chris and Steve
Beta by [ profile] spoonlessone

12 Days of Christmas )
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Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups Come and join us at the [ profile] j2_kane_bigbang
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Twas the 17th anniversary of her 23rd year...

So quit wearing that rattlesnake smile and go party!

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"No Time for Twitter"
Authors: [ profile] onci_dium and [ profile] candygramme
Featuring: a cast of thousands - J2, Chris/Steve, Riley Smith, Jason Manns, Danneel Harris, Sandra McCoy, Darren Sher and our lurid imaginations.
Rating: PG/13
Words: 1,297
Warnings: There is slash if you look hard enough, and we maul the English language almost beyond repair.
Summary: Jensen and Jared don't have a twitter, because they don't need one. They both have iPhones, and they like to text...

No Time for Twitter )
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Title: 500 Light Years From Home
Pairings: Jared/Jensen, Chris/Steve, Chad/Sandy
Rating: NC-17
Author: [ profile] candygramme
Artist: [ profile] insane_songbird
Beta: [ profile] spoonlessone
Warnings: I'm warning for technobabble, death of a vile megalomaniacal spy and Chad, not necessarily in that order.
Disclaimer: I don't own these people, and I make no money with this story.
Word count: 25,457
Notes: This was written for the [ profile] rpf_big_bang; it's crack, true enough, but the plus side is that no dinosaurs were hurt during the writing of this story.

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Prologue )


Part1 | Master Post
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Part 1 )


Part2 | Master Post
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Part 2 )

Part3 | Master Post

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Part 3 )


Part 4 | Master Post

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Part 4 )


Master Post

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And given that, why do I waste it pressing This Red Spot?

I went to see Kane on Saturday, and OMG, they were on form. It was the best Kane gig I've ever attended. They did a kickass version of Rattlesnake Smile, and they had a smoke machine that had Steve down on his knees striking rock star poses. Lest people forget, I love Steve with a fiery passion. All in all it was the best ten bucks I ever spent. Shout outs to [ profile] lilithonearth, [ profile] unperfectwolf and [ profile] canadiangoddess, without whom it would not have been as much fun.

I got around to putting up the truly beautiful wallpaper that [ profile] keyweegirlie made for [ profile] j2hurricane. It's soooo pretty, and there are icons too. I have to start using the icons. I'm going to post part 3 of "Rock Me Like a Hurricane" later today.

The Fakers continue to make me giggle. We now have a Sandy, and she has turned things upside down. The story so far:

@kanester01 bought a boat, and he and Steve were renovating it with the idea of becoming pirates. @UNpossiblyJA discovered that @EltaDanneel and @kanester01 accidentally got married in Vegas while being too drunk to notice. At first he was peeved, but did come to be fine with it as long as @EltaDanneel agrees to pretend to marry him so he can continue his sojourn in assorted closets with @TXCandyMan. @GennyCortese decided that she would take @kanester01 and @EltaDanneel off her hit list, and everyone was set to attend the weekend's Graul gig in Portland.

@sugarysandy appeared on the scene spreading sweetness and light over everyone. @TXCandyMan, being somewhat disturbed by this, wasn't sure it was a good thing, but became rather annoyed when @sugarysandy decided to join @kanester01 and @EltaDanneel and form a menage a trois. Despite her dislike of bloodshed she wanted to learn to shoot so she could destroy items like "A Christmas Cottage" without resorting to Ebay.

@chmmurray isn't sure he's gay, but he's trying things out with @TXCandyMan. Meanwhile, @UNpossiblyJA is babysitting the simple minded @EugeneGraul, who is apparently happy if given blunt scissors and a pile of Maxims to cut out.

@Bodylard4jandj bought a colourful new muumuu in order to beguile Steve into returning to him. Unfortunately they had a turkey time on @kanester01's boat and scuttled it. @kanester01 has had to resort to living in a trailer park while he decides whether or not to buy Japan.

@GennyCortese actually threw herself off the Brooklyn Bridge when she realized that her husband, @TXCandyMan might be flirting with @sugarysandy, but is now fine, and has formed an unholy triumvirate with @iAmMishMish, who believes himself to be a god, and @Marksha_p, who is arranging a meat party with as much meat as can possibly be imagined. They may well end up ruling the world.

Meanwhile, @kanester01, @DeadDaddyJeff, @sugarysandy and @EltaDanneel plan to go to Hawaii and steal the Black Pearl. They are still intending to be pirates, but @bodylard4jandj and Steve are no longer welcome.
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I miss you so much. Hope you have an awesome birthday.


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