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Sorry to take so long to post. I am here at last, hopefully in time. It's 8pm here in rain-washed Vancouver.

I picked up [ profile] just_ruth's prompts, and decided to see what I could do with her desire for b. Apple pie, ice cream and a poltergeist. Together with the deliciously multitalented [ profile] dizzojay, we set out to produce a multimedia delight for her delectation.

That sounds so good, doesn't it. All praise to [ profile] dizzojay, who wasn't even slightly phased by the cracky nature of my offering and who produced an adorable piece of art for it, so here is:

Title: "The Life of Pie"
Word Count: 3,534
Beta: [ profile] spoonlessone
Artist: [ profile] dizzojay
Rating: gen
Featuring: Sam, Dean, Castiel, and The Pie

This way to The Pie
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< a href="">Not a Job, by Elbow
This is a song from Dean to Sam. "You don't have to go chat with Lucifer. Sleep it off." Why doesn't that boy ever listen? Elbow is a British band that got together in 1990. They are still going, I'm pretty sure.

< a href="">Dice, by Finlay Quaye
This would be Sam's response to Dean after getting him back from the dead. Yes I am schmoopy, and this is such a loving song. Finlay Quaye is British once again, and I believe that this song was released in 2004.

< a href="">Tower of Strength, by The Mission UK
They are everything to each other, and that's what this song is all about. The Mission UK were formed in the mid 80s, after the Sisters of Mercy folded.

< a href="">How Soon is Now?, by The Smiths
Dean and his lamentable lack of self esteem is perfectly expressed by this song. The Smiths have been around since 1982, and specialized in songs that weren't always comfortable.

< a href="">Lunatic Fringe, by Red Rider
I always think of Jus in Bello when I hear this song, and would love a vid set to this, with all the demons boiling up over the horizon to do battle at the police depot. Red Rider was a Canadian band, and I have to admit the music video for Lunatic Fringe is just a little hokey, but when the song gets going with its driving beat, I could see the brothers Winchester driving away in the Impala with it playing on stereo. I guess it just missed the 70s, as it was released in around 1980, but I'd love to hear it featured on the show.

ETA: Sorry about the apparent formatting issues. The links still work, so I'll leave it for another day.
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All my stories:

My Fic )

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Title: "Oh, Heavens!"
Author: [ profile] candygramme
Beta: Not so much!
Cast of thousands, featuring Castiel, Sam, Dean and assorted riff-raff
Artist: [ profile] just_ruth
Wordage: 1066, which coincidentally happens to be the date of the Battle of Hastings. It must be a plot!
Summary: Castiel is being even more weird than usual:

"Oh, Heavens"
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which is here under the cut if you would like to see it. The very funny story by [ profile] yanyann is here if you want to read about the day Sam became a dragon!

follow the cut )
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Recipient: [ profile] septembers_coda
Author: [ profile] candygramme
Artist: [ profile] etoile_etiolee, who is absolutely the star that her name implies. She deserves much love for her work. Go and tell her so here
Title: "Don't Trust the Jerk in Booth 27"
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, a bevy of little girls
Rating: Gen
Warnings/Spoilers (if applicable): Crack
Wordcount: ~3,300
Beta: The incredible [ profile] spoonlessone
Author's Notes: The prompt I chose in the end was The brother of your choice has to go undercover somewhere where he gets adopted by a posse of dreamy, purple-sparkles-loving, squealy, adoring tween girls. He finds it harder than he ever would have expected to extricate himself… or want to. and I do hope you like the result. The thought of Dean 'educating' a bunch of little girls was too much for me to resist.

Don't Trust the Jerk in Booth 27 )
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Author: [ profile] candygramme
Beta: [ profile] spoonlessone
Word count: ~5, 000
Pairing: Sam/Dean Slash
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: They belong to Eric Kripke, and my pain is great

Your Turn to Curtsey; My Turn to Bow )
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Title: "A Dish Served Cold"

Author: [ profile] candygramme

Beta: [ profile] laurathelurker

Word count: 6,168

Author's notes: This is a Sam and Dean AU, in which I tried to tie up Azazel's strategy for monitoring his future prince of Hell with Ruby. Okay, so the ending didn't go like that, but I sometimes wish it had.

Rating: Gen. Het if you squint, but nothing graphic.

A Dish Served Cold )
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Title: "Oh brother, where the hell art thou?"

Rated: Gen, humor.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Castiel

Author: [ profile] candygramme

Beta: [ profile] laurathelurker

Word count: ~10,300

Summary: The brothers investigation of a disappearances at a spa has unfortunate side effects. If I had to guess, I'd say it was set somewhere in Season 4

Disclaimer: No profit was made off this. The characters belong the originators of Supernatural. Was all in pure fun.

Author's notes: So I was sitting whimpering because I've torn the meniscus in my left knee and ripped my ACL too and couldn't do much. I was angsting over the big bang that isn't really going very fast, when this took me by surprise. I don't often write Sam and Dean, because where they're at right now depresses me, but it all just flowed. Maybe it cleaned my pipes for me. Fingers crossed that big bang will now come just as easily.

Oh Brother, where the hell art thou? )
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Spoilers, so my brief thoughts are under the cut:

Rapping the writers on the knuckles )
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator..

I think my very favorite fic has to be this one:

Murder by Space. I like it for a number of reasons. To begin with, it's sci-fi, and then it features my attempt at a Sam-Spade-esque main character. I hope I got the mood right. The whole thing is not finished, and I am finally writing the follow up to it.

I was pleased with this little story too. It's Turnabout and the reason I liked it so much was because of the foreshadowing. I haven't had a lot of experience of weechesters, but I had a lot of fun with eager wee Sammy.

[ profile] spoonlessone is usually my beta, and when she and I got to chatting about the two slasher movies they made during the hiatus way back, we decided that we should do something about Tom Hanniger and Clay Miller, because they seemed to be compatible. The result was a rare pairing, Adult Afraid of the Light. I love the way it came out.

Finally, All in a Day's Work is my favorite guilty pleasure. It's a sad fact that I tend to write outrageous crack, and I think this might be my pinnacle of crackiness - so far at least!
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This is a really excellent, well thought out review of "Bad Boys" that I wish I'd written.
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Title: "Tears Before Bedtime"

Author: [ profile] candygramme

Beta: [ profile] spoonlessone

Rated: NC17 Het

Pairing: Dean/Ellen

Spoilers: For all of Season 2, but especially "No Exit" and "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things."

Word count: ~4,000

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm doing this for love and not money.

Author’s notes: Takes place the night after the events of "No Exit." This was written a long time ago, and I just realized it was not bookmarked on my ficlist, so here it is again.

Tears Before Bedtime )
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I'm reposting this snippet from long ago because the original got lost somewhere, and I love me some Dean/Ellen.

Title: Water
by [ profile] candygramme
Rated: NC-17
Genre: Het
Author's notes: Quick and dirty PWP.

Water )
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I recced Sam and Dean this week at [ profile] spnroundtable and you can find them all right here Some slash, some gen, some angsty and some so cracky I wish I'd thought of them myself!
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Title: Third Time Pays For All
Author: candygramme
Rated: gen
Word Count: 3,623
Notes: I wrote this after the end of Season 2, for a zine called "Rooftop Confessions." I have no idea why I never posted it before now. It's been well and truly jossed, but I still like it.

Third Time Pays For All )
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Fic: "Possession (Isn't Always Bad)"
Author: [ profile] candygramme
Word Count: 4,925
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Author's notes: I wrote this back in 2006, but I don't remember ever posting it. I found it when tidying up an old hard drive, and thought I should post it just to keep things tidy.

Possession (Isn't Always Bad) )
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Word Count: 1,838
Genre: gen, crack
Characters, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley, Gabriel
Beta by [ profile] spoonlessone
Author’s Notes: For [ profile] mrsr58, who probably deserves this.
Summary: The world is coming to an end, and it’s up to the Brothers Winchester to save it. From my own prompt at the wonderfully silly [ profile] spn_bigpretzel : Gabriel loves chocolate, and when Crowley finds out, he decides that there should be no more chocolate... anywhere.

Death By Chocolate )
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I've looked at both Sam and Dean from a profiling point of view, and this is what I've come up with.

1: Dean Winchester - a psychological profile )

2: Sam Winchester - a psychological profile )

I could go on...and on, and on, but I'll stop there and invite thoughts from others. Over to you.


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