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Title: To the Victor Goes the Spoils
Gifter: [ profile] candygramme
Word count: ~4,540
Rating: NC-17
Beta: [ profile] spoonlessone
Warnings: Possibly a teensy bit dub con.
Summary: The conqueror of an ancient city has heard that the temple slave there is a rare treasure. He believes that it should be his, and nothing will stop him. Honey, I hope you like this. You said that you like slave-fic. May I present a beautiful belly-dancing slave to tempt you this Christmastide.

To the Victor Goes the Spoils )
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Whatever you celebrate, may it be the best it can be!

Original beautiful manip by [ profile] maichan.
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Title: "If Wishes Were Horses"
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 6,000 on the nose
Author's notes: I tried to put in at least some of your favorite things, and I hope that this will work for you. I hope that it hits the spot, and that you have a wonderful holiday season.

If Wishes Were Horses )
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[ profile] etoile_etiolee wrote me the most excellent crackfic ever. Not only that, but there's a book cover with it that's so awesome I am...ummm... in awe!
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Title: Angels We Have Heard On High
Author: [ profile] candygramme
Artist: [ profile] quickreaver
Wordcount: 3175
Written for [ profile] twisted_slinky for the [ profile] spn_bigpretzel Secret Satan challenge.
Beta: [ profile] spoonlessone
Rating: Gen
Warnings: Balthazar supervising is never a good idea.
Prompt: There's an angel on top of the Christmas tree. No, really, there's an angel on top of the Christmas tree!

"Angels We Have Heard On High"
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ETA: by Andreas Ri
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Love you, flist!

clicky )
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Title: Carve You in Marble
Author: [ profile] candygramme
Recipient: : [ profile] angelicfoodcake
Beta by my beloved : [ profile] spoonlessone
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 7,450
Prompt: You really have to squint to see it, but this is an interpretation of a fairy story, kinda, sorta, and I do hope that you like it anyway.
Summary: Jared is an amiable sculptor who does a good turn for a little old lady. Just when his world is crashing about his ears, things begin to happen.

Carve You in Marble )
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Title: “The Day Before You Came”
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC17, slash
Word Count: 4,524
Summary: J2 High School AU where one is oblivious and the other is head over heels.
Author’s Notes: This is a belated [ profile] spn_j2_xmas gift for [ profile] reliand. I was asked to do a pinch-hit for you, so I am sorry it took me a little time. I made it schmoopy for you, because you like schmoop, and I porned a little too, because that was something else you mentioned enjoying.

The Day Before You Came )
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Sam and Dean, Christmas 2001

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For [ profile] lferion
rated: gen
Eliot Spencer and Methos
Beta: [ profile] spoonlessone

Heard it Through the Grapevine )
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for [ profile] jennylynneh
Rated: PG13, slash, au
Pairing: J2
Beta by [ profile] spoonlessone

The Dentist )
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For [ profile] buttercup22
Rated: PG13, slash
Pairing: Chris and Steve
Beta by [ profile] spoonlessone

12 Days of Christmas )
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Jensen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Rated: gen
beta by [ profile] spoonlessone
For [ profile] jedi_diplomat

Boys! )
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Ho, ho, ho indeed. The elder gods are getting down!

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[ profile] eviltwin posted this, and since I missed the sign up for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas I thought I'd follow suit, so here goes...

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Title: "Hockey Night in Canada"
Pairing: Jared and Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 4,392
Beta by the very lovely [ profile] marys_scribbles
A/N: Written for the 2010 round of [ profile] spn_j2_xmas; for [ profile] daisiesdaily, for your prompt: "The One with the Football" (Friends episode)--turn it into a J2 Thanksgiving with friends. and since there is bonus Matt Cohen in there, you will love me forever. I had never seen "Friends," so I had to go find the episode you wanted and watch it, and then try to work out how to adapt it. I really hope it works for you, honey!

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A Dean-centric Wish List party!
(@ hoodie_time)

My Wish List

Why don't you go and make a Dean wish too?
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