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Big birthday thank you to [ profile] meus_venator and [ profile] aqualegia for the pretty presents.

The family pulled out all the stops to provide a sumptuous Indian repast, and gave me a beautiful wheelbarrow. A work colleague gave me a stormtrooper for my desk, and as a friend said, I'll now be able to conquer the galaxy one garden at a time.

I am totally broke, and one cat is recovering at great expense from lung worm. The other has just come down with cat flu, despite having had the shots. *growls*

Big bang is going well, I think, although there's a fair bit still to do. I am partway through the last chapter of Hurricane, and that will be wonderful to finish, since it was a WIP for years.

I have other WIPs to finish, but that one will be a really good start.
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Beta: The incomparable [ profile] spoonlessone
Rated: This part is NC17 for sex and violence
Genre: Slash, J2
Author's Notes: This episode: Then: Trouble in Paradise. Chris is jealous of Jared. Now: Thank heavens for little girls. A reporter goes to interview Jared.
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Master List | Part 5
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< a href="">Not a Job, by Elbow
This is a song from Dean to Sam. "You don't have to go chat with Lucifer. Sleep it off." Why doesn't that boy ever listen? Elbow is a British band that got together in 1990. They are still going, I'm pretty sure.

< a href="">Dice, by Finlay Quaye
This would be Sam's response to Dean after getting him back from the dead. Yes I am schmoopy, and this is such a loving song. Finlay Quaye is British once again, and I believe that this song was released in 2004.

< a href="">Tower of Strength, by The Mission UK
They are everything to each other, and that's what this song is all about. The Mission UK were formed in the mid 80s, after the Sisters of Mercy folded.

< a href="">How Soon is Now?, by The Smiths
Dean and his lamentable lack of self esteem is perfectly expressed by this song. The Smiths have been around since 1982, and specialized in songs that weren't always comfortable.

< a href="">Lunatic Fringe, by Red Rider
I always think of Jus in Bello when I hear this song, and would love a vid set to this, with all the demons boiling up over the horizon to do battle at the police depot. Red Rider was a Canadian band, and I have to admit the music video for Lunatic Fringe is just a little hokey, but when the song gets going with its driving beat, I could see the brothers Winchester driving away in the Impala with it playing on stereo. I guess it just missed the 70s, as it was released in around 1980, but I'd love to hear it featured on the show.

ETA: Sorry about the apparent formatting issues. The links still work, so I'll leave it for another day.
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I still love the originals, but these covers... I love covers, so it was really hard to choose. I may do another set in a day or two, just because I love them so much. However, I distilled down the first batch, and here they are.

Somebody I Used to Know, by Darren Criss & Matt Bomer. The original, by Gotye
The two men here, Darren Criss and Matt Bomer, sing like angels. Love the song, and there are a half a dozen covers of it I could have chosen, but this is the winner!

Needles and Pins, by Smokie in 1977. The original, by the Searchers in 1963.
It's hard to top the Searchers version, but I was ready for the Smokie version when it came out, over 20 years later.

From Me to You, by Walk Off The Earth in 2012. The original was by the Beatles back in 1962.
I grew up with the Beatles, but this was the first intro I had to Walk Off The Earth. I saw this in an ad on TV and had to google to find them. It was worth it.

I Dream of Wires, by Robert Palmer. Here's the original, by Gary Numan from 1977.
I love the worlds that Gary Numan built in his songs. He is the synth player on Robert Palmer`s version, so it isn`t quite without direction from the creator.

Madness, by Street Corner Symphony. This is the original ,by Madness in 2012.
I love A Capella music. Street Corner Symphony is A Capella at its best.

Finally, because I couldn't decide on just 5, here's a bonus.

I'm Gonna Be Strong, by Cyndi Lauper. The original is from the 60s , by Gene Pitney
Cyndi has an extraordinary voice. End. Of. Story.
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1: What the Hell I Got, by Michel Pagliaro
Some 1975 Canadiana for you. I wasn't around when this came out, but I love it anyway!

2: To Cut a Long Story Short, by Spandau Ballet
This one came out in 1980, and I still love it. The 80s was an awesome time for music.

3: Istanbul, by They Might be Giants
I'm pretty sure this came out in the 80s, and it's so silly, but somehow catchy. Don't blame me if you end up with an earworm from it!

4: This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us, by Sparks
TBH, I'm not quite sure why I like this song so much. I just do. Ron and Russell Mael released this in 1974, and completely blew me away. Weird song, but awesome.

5: One way Ticket, by Precious Wilson and Eruption
She's gorgeous, and the song is as catchy as hell. This came out in the late 70s, if I recall. I still love it.
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I am writing, I promise, but in the meantime, I thought I would start something different. I'm going to (hopefully) spread music. I'll post 5 tracks a day til I run out, and they'll each have a theme. They'll probably be old. They might even be older than you, since I am very old indeed, but I promise you that I love music and have followed it and loved it since I was a tiny. If I'd only had talent, I'd be #1!

So please listen to the songs, if the topic is to your taste. Talk to me about them. Tell me if you like them, hate them, and why. Music is possibly more important to me than anything, and I'd love to dialogue with you about what tweaks your senses.

Today's 5 are songs that made me tear up.

1: I've Seen the Word, by Blancmange.
Blancmange were an 80s synth duo that never made it to the US, so I suspect many of you never heard this, but when I first heard it, it gave me chills and made me cry. If you like them, you might like Feel Me.

2: You'll Answer to Me, by Cleo Laine
I think this was the very first song I really ever fell in love with, and holy shit, it's 55 years old. Cleo's voice, and the whole concept of the song got me. I've never really loved Jazz, and Cleo is really a jazz singer, but her voice is like cream poured into Irish coffee. She's 88 or so now, but this will never get old for me.

3: The Garden of Jane Delawney, by Trees
Eerie song from 1970. Trees were a minor British folk group, but the song... OMG, the song is emo enough to grab and not let go. It grabbed me. One of my first Sam/Dean fics was based on this song, and I still think there's a much better fic in there, somewhere.

4: The Boy in the Picture, by the Seahorses
This band only ever produced one album, to my eternal regrets. This song brings the weeps on, because of the lost youth and the lessons to learn that somehow got lost on the way. All the things I could've done... but didn't!

5: Thief, by Belly
I'm really not a fan of girly voices, but the sheer hurt and emotion in this song makes me shiver to this day. I first heard it on the Tank Girl soundtrack, and I've loved it ever since.

So this is Day 1. There's fic to come, and more songs tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll do songs that make me happy, just to counterbalance the sad here.

Please tell me what you like/hate.
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Beta: The incomparable [ profile] spoonlessone
Rated: This part is NC17 for sex and violence
Genre: Slash, J2
Author's Notes: This episode: Then: the band acquires a guitarist, and Js get together. Now: Jared is sober and excited at the thought that he and Jensen are getting back together.

Don't Wait Up )

Master List | Part 4
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I've been slaving away over a hot graphics tablet. If you want a card from me, please send me your mailing addy below. I promise I won't share with any of the spammers... unless they pay me thousands of dollars. Then all bets are off.

PS: it's screened.
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And I would love to be loved!


full meme | my thread

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Originally posted by [ profile] raloria at Postcard Campaign for Jared and Jensen
A wonderful idea, so...pimping.

Originally posted by [ profile] fireheart13 at Postcard Campaign for Jared and Jensen
Originally posted by [ profile] theatregirl7299 at Postcard Campaign for Jared and Jensen
Hey my SPN flisties -

The Always Keep Fighting campaign has been amazing, but hearing all those stories can really take a toll as mentioned in this tumblr post from VanCon.

"So we were waiting in line for Jared’s auto when someone went up to him and told him a story that had him hugging her for a long time and when she’d gone he got mega-teary eyed and had to actually leave the auto table to compose himself. At this point Jensen had just finished and walked over to where Jared was behind the semi-opaque curtain (right next to us) and after some murmurings gave him a huge hug and a reassuring ‘you can do it brother, there’s not that many people left out there’ HONESTLY I nearly died on the spot."


So Winchesterwoman over on twitter and I came up with this campaign.

Feel free to tweet, tumblr, repost, reblog - anything to get the word out. Let's show our boys some love.
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Part 4 of 'Rock Me Like a Hurricane'

Title: "To Ease This Precious Ache"

Beta: [ profile] spoonlessone

Word Count ~5,200

Rated: Slash. Whole series NC-17. This part PG13

Players: Jared/Jensen, Steve Carlson, Jonah Dolan, Riley Smith, Misha Collins, Christian Kane, Danneel Harris, Sandy McCoy

To Ease This Precious Ache )

Back to Part 3

Master List
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A J2 Rock extravaganza starring Jared and Jensen and a cast of thousands. Jensen and Jared find each other and fall in love, but Jensen has already made enemies. Will Jared be able to overcome the hostility and find happiness with Jensen, or are there too many burned bridges behind them?

Rated NC-17, slash, J2, Historically Jensen/Steve Carlson

Beta [ profile] spoonlessone

Author's notes: There is only one episode left, so I thought it would be safe to put it out there. The final installment will be along soon.

Part 1: And the Grammy Goes To...
Part 2: How it All Began
Part 3: Chasing Dreams for Everyone But Me
Part 4: To Ease This Precious Ache
Part 5: Don't Wait Up
Part 6: I Could've Cried With Both my Eyes

Part 7 coming soon
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Beta: The incomparable [ profile] spoonlessone
Rated: This part is PG
Genre: Slash, J2
Author's Notes: This episode: Back to the present day, we look at the aftermath of the Grammy Awards Ceremony. Just what happened on the night that changed everything for the boys?

Chasing Dreams for Everyone But Me )

Master Post | Part 4 coming soon


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